Add another editor-object through the constructor?

I’m working on a board game with multiple paths, and I want to have some functionality from weighted graphs, for an example to highlight all nodes/actors X steps away from the player where X equals the results on the dice roll.
However I want each node to be editable from the editor so I can change variables related to the node, and as such I don’t want to use the Event system.

What I have in mind is something like in this image; expose boolean variables in the actor for W/E/N/S directions and when they are checked a child actor is placed on the map and gets referenced in the parent actor. Thus creating a “sort of” graph that can be extended with as many children as I need. Does anyone with more experience with this have an idea of what I want to do is reasonable?
I’m looking into it right now but the editor constructor is something new to me so I’d appreciate advice from someone with experience :slight_smile: