Add Animations [assets?] to a Blendspace


So I have a question.
I am actually using the Mannequin (AKA UE4 Animation), but I also downloaded/purchased other animations (like attacking with sword, etc). So basically I have 2 blendspaces (the UE4 blendspace, and the other with the attacks). Is there any way to add animations from one blendspace to another? Or any way to combine them and create one blendspace with all the animations? because either way (if I start with ue4 mannequin or another mannequin) I need to grab animations from the other…

Ex. Opening UE4 Mannequin BlendSpace and adding the “attack animation” from… Mannequin2 BlendSpace (or taking the animations separately)


Personally i would look into the miximo way cause they have ability to give working UE4 rigged characters as well of having quiet a few animations that will be targeted to such Character to import or use…

Im also looking to the right way for your question for myself but from what ive read so far either A make a slotnode in the AnimBP and call the EXTRA things (not basic ones walking etc) using Anim notifiyers

as as my vid… i just branched a new state machine from current idle walk run, using booleans to state if they can be accesed or not IE bool = IsPunching?.. set Punching from Left click etc…

You could do that via adding further states in your state machine or via blending between different state machines in the anim graph (both times based on some variables). You could even combine the template animations with your purchased ones. For example if you would use the jump from your lower body from the UE4 template anims and the upper-body from some other anims that hold or aim with some weapons. I would recommend to give this tutorial a try: - It’s combining basic UE4 third-person animations (including the default idle-walk-run blendspace) with the animations from the anim starter pack. It’s no sword stuff but you should get a clue how you could switch between different anim packs.