Add animation bone offsets?

Hi! Is there a clean way to do the following (probably inside animation blueprint):

I have normal skeleton and smaller skeleton. So I want to make normal skeleton ‘smaller’, physically its just moving its bone positions into new positions. But if I have TPOSE normal fbx, and TPOSE smaller fbx, maybe there is some node which can help me to do it autimatically?

Right now, the manual solution for me, it to loop through all the bones every animation frame, and apply some offeset value, which might be troublesome to implement.

I’m assuming that you want different sized characters using the same skeleton?

Make a character BP and add an instance copy of the desired character you want to change the overall size. In in the scale transform make the character any size you wish and anything added to that character BP will scale including the applied animation or animation BP

The problem is, that I get desired effect using full body morph, its not just making its scale smaller. So model scale is not changing, its verticies changing their position, and so bones need to fix their position too. And when full body morph applied, simply downscaling will not work, I need to manually reposition every bone. I thought maybe, if I have TPOSE of one model, and TPOSE of another, I can somehow use on of those to blend and apply offesets or something like that, but I can not get desired result so far.