Add and clear widgets in editor viewport?

I am adding custom widgets as SOverlays to my editor viewport. Like this:

    FLevelEditorModule& LevelEditor = FModuleManager::GetModuleChecked<FLevelEditorModule>(TEXT("LevelEditor"));
    	TSharedPtr<ILevelViewport> LViewport = LevelEditor.GetFirstActiveViewport();
    	TSharedRef<SWidget> baseWidget = SNew(SOverlay)
    		+ SOverlay::Slot()
    			//Colored Background
    		//  Image for BG

		// Text Rec
	.Font(FSlateFontInfo("Veranda", 20))


If I put this on a tick, when the text content changes, rather than just replacing the text, it kind of fades out, leaving the old content behind the new content, and making it hard to read. Should I be clearing the widget each tick, then rebuilding it? How best to go about this?