Add an option to Project Settings to change the default material.


I think it would be rather nice feature to have, to be able to control the default material on a per-project basis.
so that if we wanted we could have a more flashy and obvious dev texture or even keep the style of the dev texture consistent with the art style of the game.
and it would be cool to change it per-project rather than for all of UE4 because one dev texture may be good for one game, but you want another one for another game.

Please consider this addition, perhaps it could even be a plugin?

Good day.

Is it not an easy thing to change the DefaultMaterial or WorldGridMaterial in the EngineContent/EngineMaterials? You can make any edits or entirely change it, without custom engine versions or even CPP.

True, but it would be rather nice to have different ones for different projects without having to have different engine versions.

As the OP says this won’t give you per-project flexibility. But its also a bad idea anyway to ever change engine assets… Here’s why… 1. Your rig dies suddenly. You have the latest project backed up many times, but the backups don’t include the customized engine materials that you overwrote… 2. You send out work to hit a deadline forgetting about changes you made to engine materials. 3. You can’t clone projects as easily between rigs by just copying the root folder of a project. So you have to always remember to grab the customized engine assets as well… So overall, the OP’s request is valid imho…

Precisely, it would be pretty good to have a flashy missing texture material without screwing with core files.