Add all assets in pack at once

Hey everybody,
I’m new to this topic, so sorry for this maybe stupid question.
I’ve found an interesting pack in Fab “Stylized Eastern Village” and wanted to add this to UEFN like it appears on the picture. But I can just add the assets one by one.
Does anybody got a solution?
Thanks a lot!

Hey @niemand.en, sorry for the long wait! While we’re not sharing the fully assembled scene in the Fab plugin within UEFN, there might be another way to get it - we’re looking into that and will reply asap.

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Hey @niemand.en,

Update: After purchasing the Pack in Fab, you also get the UE Marketplace version. You could try downloading that and migrating the UE version to UEFN. But please note that since UEM content wasn’t originally designed for FN, you should expect to make changes and optimization to the content and the level in order to get it to launch to FN.

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