Add air control using the Rolling Ball example

Greetings. I am looking for a way to add air control, much like the side scroller example character. The issue is the MyCharacter has an air control variable added to it and the ball doesn’t. Its a pure physics sim. Its very difficult to design a level with no air control.

In the rolling ball example they use “Torque” to add the input. This adds a movement input based on the value you provide and applies this as rotation to the ball which will use the friction with the ground to move forward…

Kinda needless to say using friction isn’t working will mid air.

You will have to change the movement if you want air control.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply. I am aware of how its added. I think maybe a force in the air might be the way to go, I just cant get it holed up right.

Quite honestly… I’d suggest doing it new from ground up.

You can use the “Add force” to do all movement but I personally don’t really like doing different things for in air and on ground. It just feels awkward, you’re left with potential bugs if the detection is too slow or doesn’t trigger in some certain instances and over all you will have to separate systems. Making them feel like the same will be a huge amount of work while you could just create your own from the ground up to do exactly what you want.

I managed to do this. I won’t spell out the answer but I still use torque for the ground, because it has that awesome physics responsiveness. The key was I designed a switch that detected if the ball was in the air or on the ground, so that it would apply force in the air, or torque on the ground.

It’s not a small piece of work, but it’s a robust way to do it. It’s also a great way to dig into blueprinting and do some reading on your own.