Add Additional Items to Master List?

Is there a way to add additional items to the master item list without them being overwritten when new items come out, sort of like the additional structures and additional dino entries?

From what I understand that is discouraged for the reasons you list and unneeded you can use - cheat giveitemtoplayer <PlayerID> <ItemName> <QTY> <Quality> <True/False> to give what ever you want to players. so, they can be added in the normal way and referenced with there full path.

There is not.

Generally you should avoid using the master item list other than for testing purposes while developing in the ADK. When you actually cook it out, you should be using the additional items, engrams, structures arrays and NOT the master item list. This will help ensure compatibility with other mods for the most part with the exception of core game altering mods.

Where do you add additional items, if there is no additional items array? for example I’m trying to add new dye colors, these will not work unless added to the master item array, I’ve tried putting them in the master dye list, I’ve tried adding them to the cookpot array… but there they will not actually dye armor, I can spawn the item in but they won’t dye the specified colors, depending on which option I take half the time it actually crashes the ADK… Once I put them into the master item list they work as expected… Am I missing something or why is there no additional items array?

Add them to the Dye List and/or the Extra Resources array. Experiment.

That’s all modding for ARK is for the foreseeable future, one massive experiment with a lot of participants.


Thanks for the advise, have tried about every “additional” array there is, seems that it comes down to dye has to be in the master array… hows it work leaving blank or ‘none’ array positions, if i leave a couple hundred none positions and put my dyes in about 700+ then i can just update the none positions as ark fills them? will that work so there are not conflicts?

make a custom crafting station and use the default engrams within its inventory component. have all the proper files (PrimalItemStructure, EngramEntry) and link those into PGD.

If you really have 700 dyes, you might want to split it up into 2 or 3 crafting stations when you get larger. Inventories of 1000 and more get extremely laggy on the client.

Then it becomes the same principle with TC’s. One PGD says this, another says that, thus meaning != and cancelled out. I’ll have a look when I have the chance and see if I can’t work out how I did it ages ago.

I believe he’s referring to using beyond the 700th index in the Master Item array, but that still wouldn’t work.


Yeah was referring to the index, I only have half a dozen dyes I want to add, and I don’t even want them to be craft-able. Spawning them in is fine, but I just can’t seem to get them working without them in the master item array, appreciate the help.

How is a player to use/obtain these dyes if they dont have engrams or a custom crafting station for a way to craft them?

Main reason for this was so people could pick their own personal color or colors that other people could not use, so we wouldn’t want them craft-able by anyone, we’d just spawn them in a couple hundred and let them have at it.

Then the easiest way would be to create a crafting station actor, add an inv component, add all your dyes as default inv items and default engrams. then link it to PGD as an additional structure to place. This will make no engrams or anything like that, but will properly build the mod as the files will be linked through your invisible crafting station

Everything starts with PGD. If you dont have something linked there properly, that then links to the rest of your primalitems, then you wont get them to compile into the mod.

PGD -> Custom Crafting station via link in additional structures to place -> all of your primal items because they are linked to the inv comp.