Add actor-blueprint with structure-blueprint to socket

I use a data table for my inventory items.
It casts a static mesh variable (marked blue in the picture) to the character sockets (to equip it)
But I don’t know the method to add actor-blueprints to the player-socket (like a flashlight) in that handy way?

Thanks for help :slight_smile:


I made a little example video. Basicly you can use a variable to represent your struct and then split the contents out of the struct. You can then pass the exposed blueprint variable into the blueprint slot. I hope it helps you somewhat or did I misunderstand your question?:

Thanks dude, I should keep that in mind!
But I think it’s not quite that what i need (sorry for the misunderstanding).
The blueprint which should attach to the character is actually not the item-widget itself. I have got only one item-widget which is just the preset of the actual item, cause the content of it changes through the item-data-table (inherits from the structure-widget) where all the item details are listed (so I don’t have to create a new Item-Widget for each new item):

And for some of these items, for example this flashlight - I want to define a blueprint (to be able to turn on the light etc.) instead of a static mesh which is parented to the character.

Hope this stuff is comprehensible…
Thanks a lot!

I know now, what you want to do. I tested it and unfortunately, the blueprint is not getting exposed at all. I can’t even set a blueprint on a data table through external blueprint use. It doesn’t appear in the data table at all.
Seems the only way to do it right now is to handle the things with data tables, but use a different method to get your functionality with a specified blueprint/blueprints. Or you ditch the whole data table thing and go with structures all the way.
Sorry that I can’t help any further. Epic may implement such a feature in the future, but they have their hands full enough so I won’t bet on this feature coming out too soon…

Hey! I just found a way that actually works just fine.

In DataTableStruct I set an object class (reference doesn’t work) instead of an actor

And in CharacterBP just cast the class to an actor class

and it works :slight_smile:


Nicely done :). BTW, I have to thank you too. You basicly introduced me to data tables and I have definitely a use for them for my upcoming music based sandbox RPG :).