Add a volume as a component to a blueprint

Hi all,

I was wondering if it’s possible to add a post process volume, physics volume, pain causing volume, etc. to a blueprint.
I’d like to simulate water, and I’d like to damage the player, slow him down, and add a post process volume making everything blue.

How can I add these into a blueprint?

Or is there maybe another way?

You can use box components to emulate most of this functionality by handling OnComponentBeginOverlap/EndOverlap. It isn’t the same as actually adding those individual volumes as components but should be functionally equivalent.

How would I copy the physics volume / give the play a blue tint?

You can call ‘set post process settings’ on your camera, and use ‘add force’ on your player/movement component.

Alright, and what about the blue tint?

When I try to add the blue tint to the blueprint, it affects the whole map, not just the size of the blueprint’s box.

You’d need to handle BeginOverlap and turn it on, and then turn it back off with EndOverlap when the player leaves the box.

Alright cool, this is perfect. How does “add force” work? I want the player to be slowed down no matter what direction he’s moving in.

Ah okay. You could Get Velocity, then divide it by some number, then Set Velocity, but that would need to be done continuously while the player was in the box. You could alternatively set the maximum speed on the movement component to less than it was before, then set it back to the original value when the player leaves the box.