Add a value in details panel

Hello, I just made a door BP, and they’re re-usable, so i can place it say 3 times in a level, and they all act the intended way. I want the doors to teleport you to a certain map depending on the door, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to put a value in the details panel that I can set in the level editor. I’m sorry if this is confusing. Thanks.

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yes its possible. all you need to do is create a variable in your door bp then click the little eye icon next to the variable name to make the variable public. this will enable you to select the door in the scene and set the variable from the details panel. from there you just need to plug the variable into your script. probably use a name variable type and plug it into a open level node in your case.

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the following pictures show you everything you need.

the first picture shows everything you need to do in the door bp. create the variable, click the eye icon, set its type, and then use the variable as needed in a script. in this case i included on overlap check if the overlapping actor is the player, then open the door, and when the door is open then open the next level which is based on the variable.

the second picture shows how to set the variable on a per instance basis via the details panel of the level editor. you can set teh variables value for each door to something different for each one. so one door could go to level 2 while another door next to it could go to level 6.

Thanks for the answer! I’m kind of new, I understand the first part but I am a bit confused about the second. Can you elaborate on that please?