Add a Trigger Volume component in Blueprint.

Hello Epic,

I wish I could add a Trigger Volume component in Blueprint instead of a Box trigger. So I could edit it in Geometry Mode.


Hey ]Innuendo,

I’ve entered a feature request for the ability to add a trigger volume as a component in a blueprint, UE-33461. Thank you for your suggestion!

Have a great day

Would that be a custom shape trigger volume ?

Thank you for entering the request.

Hi! When will this be available?

I’m currently browsing the forums trying to figure out how Unreal wants people to make games (in Unity there’s not restrictions like this, you make your own rules).

It’s been three years since you made the feature request, so has this been implemented yet? I can’t find it when I search for it.

Currently, I’m making a tile based game and I want my basic tiles to be self contained, so right now I’m seriously debating having my “tile info” collision (trigger) to be a vehicle type because that seems to be the only thing I can use (because I have wall collision in the same tile blueprint, and I need to differentiate):

You can achieve this effect by adding a static mesh component (of your desired shape, consider a sphere for example) and set the collision presets to “trigger”. (flag all necessary “generate overlap events” flags)

Flag the rendering option “hidden in game” and set the material to an non-visible one for easy manipulating in the viewport. (the default engine has one: M_Shader_SimpleTranslucent_Invis) Then all you need to do is add on/off overlap events!