Add a sphere collision component to mesh with apex clothing

I know many apex collision questions have been asked, but I have not yet seen an answer to the question I have.
I bought this plugin from the marketplace: Sport Soccer in Props - UE Marketplace and in the description, there is a disclaimer saying that apex clothing does not yet collide with world objects, so the goal net will not react to the ball.

However, I thought of a workaround. To have a collision sphere inside the dynamic mesh of the goal net that tracks the position of the ball when in the goal, and pushes the next around the same way that a ball would, also setting the position of the ball to be wherever the collision sphere currently is. I have tried adding a sphere collider to the physics asset of the net but I cannot manage to separate the sphere from the rest of the mesh

I don’t really want to go editing the 3d model because it works so seamlessly with the rest of the plugin, so changing the scale or anything else may throw off the rest of the pack.

If anyone has a way to implement my solution, or a different solution altogether, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I got it to work in the end by:
1: Creating a collision channel and object for the goal net, which blocks everything but IGNORES THE GOAL POSTS
2: Creating a collision channel and object for the goal post which blocks everything but IGNORES THE GOAL NET
3: Turning on “Simulate physics” on the goal nets

This resulted in a nice ripple effect when the ball hits, and I will make the material of the net less bouncy (or not bouncy at all) to make the ball not bounce off the back. However for this to work you need a mesh that already has working apex clothing simulation on it, and you need some collision boxes/capsules/spheres in your physics component for the object (in this case the goal net).

Would you be able to upload a video of how it looks with the collision enabled? I am interested in the same plugin but wanting to see how it behaves before buying it.