Add a scripting Code Node

Hi All,

I posted in the Blueprint forum and have been discussing the idea over there. But seems about time to post it here:

It’s an idea for a custom node called a ‘Code Node’. This would be a half way between C++ and Blueprint and would be a node with a text box in it that could could type a simple function into. The connectors would then appear on the node and the results would be processed when it is fired.

Probably easier to show you what I mean rather than describe it: (Disclaimer: Rough Mock Up) :wink:

Not intended for ‘Monster’ code, but small sections that would be unwieldy as a node network.
(Edit: Yes I know the code is a bit wonky :smiley: )


I mean, the Blueprint version is pretty hard to read and work with.

Yes, you can turn it into a function and clean it up, but it took several times longer to make the network than it did to write the code, and it’s relatively simple code. Also it will take the same productivity hit every time I need to modify it in some way.

The script would likely be limited to a single function, could be a C++ Syntax interpreted script, and maybe only needs flow control, maths and decent string handling to be useful.


Lee Page
TeraBit Software