Add a middle tier language.

Is there any plans to add support for a language like C# or Java? Blueprints are awesome but also a lot of hassle to do anything past simple. And C++ is… C++. I’m fine with making some math blueprint nodes in C++ but anything else is a whole lot of work for a someone that is mostly just a scripter and not a programmer. I feel forced to use Unity to make games outside of TPS/FPS because of the high complexity of C++.

Unity is great and I like using it but I really like UE4, just wish I didn’t need a professional programmer to make a full game.

For the record I’ve already made a simi-complex prototype in UE4 with 95% blueprints. But I had to build the game around the restrictions of doing it all in blueprints. I’m just wishing I had another choice.


I dont thing that there should/will be any additional language added to UE4.
It has already been discussed to exhaustion. Still it will not happen.
If you look in all the other threads about Mono, C# and the whole discussion about interpreted languages (Java), then you will understand why.

Its not the C++ that makes it hard. its the UE$ API layer. You would still have to deal with it waring a C# jacket. The same way you sometimes cant use plain C++ and are forced to use the API macros, the same way you couldnt use native C# code in those instances.
And its really the API where the beef is (in therms of complexity)… At least for me…

Then use blueprints?

Also, I think in terms of not making an FPS, UE4 has a bit of a leg up in that regard since it provides you with lots of templates for other types of games.

I don’t think you would feel much difference between C++ and C# in terms of complexion, considering you know how to make nodes then you already has a grasp of header files, thats only extra complexion in C++ over C#, other then that functions and classes you use would be exact the same, you already using same functions and classes in blueprint, so you already some knowledge about it, but you not aware you can use that knowledge in C++.