Add a Gameplay Tag Container to the Actor class

If possible could we get a Gameplay Tag Container added to the AActor class by default. It would make it so much easier to work with them between actors and allow you to actually manipulate actors with tags without having to cast to a higher level class or set up an interface on every actor that you want to use gameplay tags on. In fact, there are some blueprint nodes, such as “Get All Actors of Class Matching Tag Query” that literally do nothing since AActor does not implement the IGameplayTagAssetInterface by default.

Here is an example of setting up gameplay tags to work with an actor, but it requires doing this on every actor type you have. It also requires you to jump in C++, which rules out doing this in blueprint only projects as the IGameplayTagAssetInterface isn’t available in blueprint. This interface should be implemented on AActor by default.

Agreed. That would make lots of sense.

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