Add a filter for excluding Temp Content.


It’s very confusing when I have to pick a real asset template from a bunch of temp content with same name. :confused:

Hi Awesome_Junior_Miss,

This actually looks like a bug, what editor version are you in and what steps are you taking that reproduce this on your end?

My bug report on the answerhub: Engine is showing old classes in variable selection menu - UE4 AnswerHub

UE 4.8 p3, but I don’t know how to reproduce that, it seems I don’t have to REPRODUCE it if I want to see it. I just create a new project from FPS template, then edit some assets in the project and save them. However, it also happens in my other old projects which are opened with UE 4.8 p3. This is why I don’t even know this is a bug.

That could be related to the general Temp-folder-visibility bug in 4.8p3 …

Same problem here in all projects…

@Adam Davis
Create new project with the FPS Template.
Then make changes in the pawn and save, wait to the gen of the backups and then go to the gamemode in the listbox select the pawn and then you got all clones of the original in the list.

*Version UE4.8 P3

Hi everyone,

I have good news! This is a known issue as UE-15790 and has already been fixed, it should be added into a later preview of 4.8.

Thanks you.