Add a donate option to Market Place items

Add a donate option to Market Place items.

I’m a strong believer in open source work, and I always have been one to release my projects free of charge. But for those that take a lot of time on something and release it free should have the opportunity to receive tips if the consumer so desires.

It would be nice to give market place visitors the opportunity to tip for free work using the market place interface.

+1 and this will encourage the adding of free content more often

Hi Distul,
You might be interested in this initiative in the works and perhaps you might even be interested in joining the team I am setting up to support it?

Forum thread link:

So sorry about the delay in response. I’ve been really busy with work. The link you posted supports an interesting idea but wouldn’t fit for me.

UE4 is a hobby. I’m not experienced enough yet to push out content at a reasonable rate. It takes time, research, and lots of testing for me to accomplish new mechanics. Working a full time job I just don’t have the opportunity to make what you are suggesting happen.