Add a delay to an axis event?

Hi all,

I have a simple axis event (just a normal keyboard axis event) that, as normal, fires every tick and gives an axis value. I would like to be able to have a small delay before handling that event, so as to create a kind of lag between the user’s input and it being handled. I can’t just use a normal delay node, as according to the tooltip ‘Calling again while it is counting down will be ignored’. What can I do to create this continuous delay?

Thanks for your help and I hope you understand what I mean… if not please ask and I will try to clarify!

I think you need to make the movement ( whatever that is ) slower using a multiplier.

So, whenever you want the delay effect, you multiple the axis value down so it has less and less effect.

See what I mean?

Like I did here with mouse sensitivity:

I wouldn’t recommend doing it this way but it works.