Add 3DConnexion SpacePilot (etc) input device support

Hey Epic,

Have you guys considered adding support for 3DConnexion’s 3D-input device support? The devices are basically 3D mice. I use my old SpacePilot a LOT, mostly for CAD / mechanical-engineering development (my current day job), and when I switch over to play with the Unreal Engine, I immediately feel the lack. You guys are missing out on a great thing…

I bet this is low-hanging fruit, in that adding support would be quite simple & the device would really help improve productivity.

Check them out at I’m not sure the fancy versions are worth the cost, but I’d bet they would give you a crate of 'em if you added support, at least to the editor if not in-game…

And hey, I bet the device would work GREAT with those fancy VR headsets you’re playing with! :smiley:


Would like to add a vote for that as well.

I actually need a 6DOF controller for a UFO space flight sim I’m working on.

If I built a driver, could it be made available in

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Hi ->Dave.G,

This is a similar post to this thread already discussing incorporating 3d mouse input devices into the engine:

I am going to close this thread, please continue the conversation over there. Thank you!