Add 3D File Export to Twin Motion and Sync with UE4 Directly.

I don’t have Revit or ArchiCAD and TwinMotion is joined now with Epic Games, so what TwinMotion with Unreal Engine really needs is the ability to export the 3D Model’s out with or without Baked Materials natively and sync it where you can continue to work on the content between TwinMotion and other 3D Modeller programs and sync it back into Unreal Engine, for the more advanced a visual settings dump in textual form or access from a UE4 TwinMotion Sync plugin could go a long way in the productivity pipeline, just having some 3D File Export Options would be a huge step in the right direction toward accomplishing that, and it would seem like an improved and simpler pipeline to produce high quality results faster. The only tricky part I think would be the weather system.