adaptive game music 1 released!

Adapt your game music to the gameplay and build the perfect soundtrack!


This asset includes several seamless and synchronized loops (wav format, 100 bpm), representing 4 games states:

  1. Background (no bass / drum, only “ambient”)
  2. State 1 (bass+drums)
  3. Melody 1
  4. Melody 2

You can easily crossfade between states, depending on what is happening during your gameplay. I did not have any particular game in mind, but I feel the style of music is quite “dark” and could work with platforms, puzzle, scrollers, casual games, etc.

There are are also 3 “end” clips:
1: End - single hit.wav
2: End - standard.wav
3: End - dissonant.wav
that can be used as finisher (game over, succes, death, etc).

The music can switch to another feel/mood such as near end level / boss / near death / hurry up /etc. There are 2 “transposed melodies” that can be used for this purpose. The transposed melodies connect to the standard loops via two “breaks” clips.

The asset contains a doc file that explain how the loops should be used. Of course they can also be used as a standard loop clips.

You can download a fully functional watermarked demo (all the wavs present in the asset with a voiceover) here: