Adaptive Binaural Wind

Hello everyone,

Just want to let you know that my Adaptive Binaural Wind blueprint has been released on the Marketplace!

Formally called Adaptive Wind-Over-Ear AudioBP, this blueprint simulates the sound of wind traveling over the player’s ears.

It can have countless uses in almost any project, and is designed to enhance immersion in first person applications and games. I hope you’ll check it out!


This is really cool…I have no personal use for it but I hope a lot of First-person projects integrate this sort of thing. Awesome stuff dude!

Thanks man, I appreciate the kind words.

Just wanted to update by saying I really appreciate the feedback I’ve received so far! I’ve sold more than I thought I would seeing the first month’s summary. It’s tough to predict interest in something like this, but it’s good to see people are interested. I made a collage of videos here demonstrating the various uses of the blueprint. Going to try to get it linked to the marketplace listing.

If you have purchased this blueprint, please consider taking a couple seconds/minutes to leave a rating or review on what you thought of it. It really helps!

Thanks a lot!

Hey Mitchell congratulations on the release of your blueprint!, Glad to see that we are getting some well needed sound blueprints

Thanks Alvaro! I hope to make more, but time isn’t on my side recently.

Bought this, it’s rad. Only thing I’ve adjusted (which I’d suggest exposing the var for) is the volume of the wind when occluded - it’s a bit jarring to have the wind just cut out altogether when I step behind a wall, in many instances. I have it jumping from 1 to 0.2, much nicer.

Thanks Joe!

Are you using this blueprint alongside other wind sounds? I agree that having all wind sound cut to zero behind an object is jarring, and also not realistic.

The wind cutting out in this blueprint is intentional, however. The blueprint is only recreating wind hitting your ears, so obstacles that protect you from the wind will stop all wind from hitting your ears directly. If you continue a separate ambient wind sound, or even a shift from normal wind to a howling wind behind an object in conjunction with this blueprint, I think you’ll find it much better sounding and not so jarring.

I may expose that variable anyway.

Truuuuuue, good thinkin’

Hi Mitchell

I just bought the blueprints, however I use 4.9. Any plans to make ti compatible?


@Proteus, you should be able to just make a project for the earlier version, then right click on one of the top level folders and click “Migrate”, then select a previously created 4.9 project’s Content folder.

Unless you already tried that and found the BPs were throwing errors, in which case, never mind :slight_smile:

Hey Proteus, I have just tested and submitted to the marketplace. The old 4.8 version will work with no problems in 4.9.

You should see the latest version soon. Sorry for the delay!

This looked like such a cool feature to me I had to buy it. I’m looking forward to mucking about with it.

Thank you very much it worked. In fact the fact that I didn’t have the choice to adding it to my 4.9 project stopped me like a newbie. Sorry I just didn’t tried to migrate it from a 4.8 project!

I hope you have fun with it!

By the way, it has been updated to 4.9 on the marketplace, so there should be no more issues getting it added to projects.

Submitted a change to the blueprint. Recently acquired an Oculus Rift so I was able to test this blueprint out in VR. It was a tad buggy, not taking into account player turning independent of the HMD. It’s now only based on GetBaseAimRotation if no head bone is specified. I also added positional support for obstacle traces, as shown in this video:

I’ve recently added multiplayer support to the blueprint by replicating wind intensity, direction, and gusting. Submitted today, and hopefully live soon!

I’m no expert by any means with replication, but it worked perfectly on my many in-editor multiplayer tests. Would love any feedback when the update goes live.

Hi, is this still working with the newer versions of UE4? I am using 4.21, I wonder if it would work…

Why is this not for sale anymore? Adaptive Binaural Wind in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

I would love to use it in a project of mine.