Adaptive Audio: Music Zones

Hi everyone, a new audio tutorial for Unreal Engine :rolleyes: We add music to a map overview level and change that music when we enter a new area on the map.

We take a short look at the background of adaptive audio in games and why it’s so powerful and then we set out making our own.

You can download the music I’ve used here:

You’re free to use this music in any way you like. Please mention Valkyrie Sound if you do :slight_smile:

Following a request for more info from Wipperevipp on YouTube I’m adding this info on using the Set Paused node in the above setup.

This will let you pause the music when you leave the collision area, and will restart the music at the paused point when you re-enter it. It retains the fade in and fade out functionality but if you want a struct pause system it won’t be possible to synchronise across multiple music tracks.

  • Pull out from the Array Get (Copy) node, and type in Set Paused. It’s under the Audio section
  • For the Begin Overlap section of the AudioBP, add the Set Paused node after the Cast to Character but before the Adjust Volume
  • For the End Overlap section, the execution should run from the Cast to the Adjust Volume then to a Delay and then to Set Paused
  • The Delay should be as long as your Adjust Volume Duration entry + ~0.2
  • This will ensure the fade completes before we Pause the audio as I noticed the fade was being interrupted. You might need to tweak this for your audio