Adam Horsemen Archer Animated Character

Hey guys.

Today I finished to prepare one of my assets for Unreal.
This is animated horseman archer who can fight as footman as well.
Hope it will be useful for you projects.

Unreal Technical Dilates:

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Rigged: Yes
Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes for Adam
Animated: Yes
Lods: Yes, for Horse only
Number of characters: 3 character blueprints, 43 “skeletal meshes” including bodies, body parts, hair, clothes and animated bow.
Vertex counts of characters: 23,122 for Adam and 14,527 (8,429 LOD) for Horse
Number of Textures: 28 diffuse, specular, metallic (in specular alpha), opacity (in color alpha) and normals.
Texture Resolutions: 2048x2048, 1024x1024, 4096x4096
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 13 Materials and 26 Instances
Number of Animations: Adam 145 animations for warrior, archer, horseman combats and general moves. 36 horse animations.
Animation types: 129 “on place” animations, and 26 animations with root motion data for Adam. 23 “on place” animation clips, and 13 duplicates with root motion for horse.
Intended Platform: PC / MAC / XBox1 / PS4
Platforms Tested: PC
Documentation Included: Yes
Important\Additional Notes: PBR materials setup, Physics Asset setup included (not automatic “made by hand”)

For more information look here please: Adam Horseman Archer Unity&Unreal Pack

I always create my models by myself. )

This looks very nice.

Thank you! I hope soon it will be in Unreal Market as well. :slight_smile:

great works.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

So I recently purchased - but am having issues retargeting to the epic ue mannequin.

I really need adam on the epic skeleton - misunderstood that it was already rigged to the epic ue mannequin.

Would it be possible to provide an update with the animations using the epic skeleton?

Could u provide download link or pm me?

First of all thank you for purchasing. You are welcome!

Archer Adam really has Epic skeleton.
I took it from this link.

Adam model has different proportions, so I adjusted bones position to fit Adam proportions.
Please tell me what issue you have?

You can continue discuss here or you can send me mail. As you wish.

I am still having issues trying to get Adam to work with the Epic Skeleton.

When you originally imported Adam and his animations, rather than creating a new skeleton, could you select the existing Epic UE Mannequin Skeleton?

This way, all of your assets will use the epic Mannequin Skeleton.

The problem I am having is that retargeting or even exporting and reimporting the animations onto the mannequin result in a poor animation. I think the base pose may have been off - did you use a T-Pose or A-Pose for the base pose of Adam? (I think the UE Skeleton uses A-Pose)

It is going to be a lot of work to try and get it to work - if you could get it to work on the Epic Skeleton, then all purchasers of Adam could benefit…

When you export Adam you use his skeleton. Then you re-target animations from him to Epic rig.
Of course when you re-target animations from one character to another you need both will be in same pose. Please take a look on Unreal video tutorial, here.

This is really not much work.

As I already said, Adam use Epic skeleton but proportions and pose are different. You can re-target animations from Adam to Mannequin and vice versa.
Please take a look on video. I re-targeted one of animation from Epic AnimStarterPack.

When re targeting The Animations are all messed up! What do I do to fix this!

This costs 60 dollars. Why is this in the community content forum?

It’s missing the horseman archer up and down target animations.

Thank you for purchasing!

It is not possible to provide with character all animations for all game developers which use it in future.
Especially when with time number of essential animations always grow up.
I that budget of indie developers not big but I am exactly in same boat.

So if someone need more animations then pack have please contact me and ask for custom work.
I am working but will find time ti make several animations.