Ad Exitum, coming on May Friday 13th



A desolated maze, evade the darkness, the soul guides you!
Experience Ad Exitum, a horror-survival-jumpscare-indie-game by Since Idea Games, developed with Unreal Engine 4.
You find yourself in a huge, mysterious maze. Your only way out is a locked gate, which can be unlocked through vitality-charged blood stones.
But beware: The maze is situated in a state of hibernation, and the blood stones are directly connected with its awakening.
It hosts an ancient and dangerous creature and its minions, who hunt every soul, that dares to enter their desolated home.
Your only hope is a mysterious light, that guides you through the darkness.

**Ad Exitum is now available on Steam:
**Ad Exitum on Steam


Early 2015, we have participated in the Global Game Jam.
At this weekend, we developed a prototype for a game concept, based on the interaction between light and darkness and the resulting fear as its main theme.

We liked this concept so much, that we decided to spend another month of development on it, and expanded the prototype to the first playable version of Ad Exitum.
About this time we launched the associated Greenlight Campaign on Steam, and decided to send out Ad Exitum to Let’s Players all around the world to gain feedback.

We are glad the time has come, at which we are approaching with great strides towards the release of Ad Exitum.
We received lots of positive feedback through the Let’s Plays and Steam Greenlight, but also valuable criticism on some aspects of the game.
So we used every free time aside other projects to implement changes based on that feedback.
Those are both certain reworked aspects of the game as well as completely new features.

We are pleased to finally announce a release date for our first official game Ad Exitum.
Next Friday, May 13th, we will publish it on Steam.

We are really looking forward to this day, your feedback, and of course your souls.


  • the game is completely based on Unreals Blueprint System (Except the audio options section, there is no C++ used for this particular Project, because we wanted to test its Limits)
  • direct gameplay relationship between Player Behaviour, Light/Firesoul Mechanics and Monster AI
  • created own and regional textures, for example from Hamburgs Park “Planten un Blomen”
  • the entire maze was constructed elaborately by hand
  • many Points of Interests
  • additional jumpscare events
  • VR ready (Oculus and HTC Vive)



We are Since Idea Games:

a german gaming startup based in Hamburg. Our main focus is on bringing Virtual Reality to a new level.
We are convinced that it is not enough for the realization of our vision to stiffen only on one industry sector.
Therefore, we have expanded our field of view to develop and experiment on the three sectors Game Developement,
Virtual Reality and 3D Visualization. Our goal is to develop games and applications that rely on extraordinary experiences in VR.
We want to enable regularly new and innovative journeys for our community, which they have never experienced before.


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