actualy show Engine footage during livestreams

This is feedback for the livestreams which the last two weeks have been pretty boring. I scrubbed through the latest one on rendering and i notice not a single image, or footage from the engine itself. Now i know for some more technical guys who dont mind watching two people talking about a graphics engine for an hour thats great. but i am a visual person and for a more effective livestream id love to see actual hands on exxamples with the engine. I really think the livestreams could be oh so much better and oh so much more interesting maybe a showcase of the week show off someones work or something too. It could be very fun and interesting but just having an hour of two people sitting and talking about the engine well. anyone could do that.

come on epic!

like talking about rendering you know what would have been awesome? a closer look at the elemental demo and some of the rendering techniques used or something like that or even better yet., since the cave demo came out why not a developer walk through or something you could have walked us through the various features that it shows off and etc. Something like that would have been far more interesting.

the livestreams have oh so much potentail that you are very much negilecting. Please improve that. thank you. make it be the one “source” of Unreal Engine 4 info and showcase for the week. you just need a creative person in charge of it that can spice it up a bit! thanks!

I think you’re missing the point of them, they’re not tutorials, they’re information updates and Q and A sessions.

I personally found the latest one extremely informative. They’re aimed at the more techy bunch among us really… Plus the idea of giving us Elemental and the Effects demo is that we take it apart and look at it ourselves. I’d rather they explained things we don’t know than went over things we could easily discover ourselves. If they’re going to do something like that, it belongs on YouTube or within the level itself.

It wasn’t really possible to show examples with the questions we were asking either…

Imagine walking through the sample content with narration from the developers playing dynamically through the level, that’d be awesome. Something like Valve’s developer commentary system.

You might have not notice, but they haven’t even talked about engine rendering per se in stream. Most of the stream was about answering questions that concern community. Like the translucency issues, global illumination, decals, custom lighting modes etc.

I actually found it very informative as they explained what they do, why do they do some things (or they don’t), and what they plan to improve.

I honestly have yet to see another AAA developer that talks straight about plans for next months (like examining various forward rendering techniques to improve translucency rendering) or telling that some features will not make into engine, because they don’t have time to implement them and they are currently low on priority list (like water and hair rendering). This amount of honestly deserves applaud.

Maybe future stream will be about dissecting provided content, and explaining how it was done. This one was more of Q&A session, which I’m honestly grateful, as I learned few things and now I know what sort of improvements to expect in coming months.

Commentary over content would be interesting as well, be you must keep in mind that there is variety of people interested in variety of things, and there is limited amount of staff that can do this type of content. Just be patient and if you have perticual interest in some topic create new thread in feedback forum, add poll and lets see how many people share this interest.

Seriously, having those people sharing their knowledge is awesome already and hearing them talk for an hour about the things we wonder and the future of the engine is a blessing. You already have the engine in front of you and you will get the updates when they are released. You can brake and reverse engineer the stuff in demo’s yourself but you cant get the information they talked about anywhere else. Heck, i could sit and listen to Nick and Martin talk about the technical side of things for hours. We have seen enough tech demos and developer walkthroughs, now it’s time for the boring stuff.

+1 for that

I have to agree. We’re now beyond all the flashy colors and liights. I honestly think youcould listen two or three times and just take notes on things.

Plus as it was mentioned before, a lot of the information was on conceptual things that weren’t yet in the engine or aren’t really finished enough.

Now that being said, I suppose some diagrams to show how some of the things work would be nice, but that’s still not what you’re looking for. If you want to see the engine, just go in and look at it.

Now all THAT being said, I suppose in this case, it would make a bit more sense to have it be a live podcast so that you won’t have to worry about a video to be bored of.

I honestly thought though that it was really informative.