Actual Decent Player Movement for Unreal 5?

For over a year my crew has been dealing with the fact we can have either Great Movement or Gameplay in a multiplayer game. But never both. ALS 3 is too slow for a Heavy multiplayer game, ALS 4 is not fully Replicated except on GitHub. And that has errors in both the rolling and the ragdoll code. The ALS Creator now works for Unreal, so we won’t be seeing any updates from him.
So when is Unreal going to provide a default multiplayer character that moves well and can climb???

It’s not really their job to create assets for people although they do. ALS v4 C++ works fine in UE4 and is updated frequently. I just read on their discord that it works fine in UE5 too without any modification. I just tested it and all works perfectly in UE4 and 5.

No it doesn’t, I have an entire team fixing ALS V4 right now. Just loading a project and hitting play is not actually testing it. We have been for 14 Months. And having a proper player set-up is indeed part of making an engine.

Go work instead of putting cr rap on the forum.
It’s your team’s responsibility as developers to … you know? Develop.

It was put on the forum to ask the Unreal team if it is in their plans. We are working, perhaps you should as well instead of posting Unneeded and Unwanted opinions.