Actors that used to show up in editor's orthographic view no longer show up

In my game, I have these placeable actors:

Each one of those hexagons represents an instance of that actor, which consists of a mesh that is visible only in the editor, and a bunch of functionality for controlling the grid-based movement of my game.

I like building my levels in the top-down orthographic view of the editor, so that I can see exactly what each hex is over. But recently I have been unable to see the actors’ meshes in the lit orthographic view. When I switch back to perspective view, I can see the meshes again. And when I use the orthographic wireframe view, I can see the polygons that make up the meshes. But what I would really like to do is see everything in the lit orthographic view mode. Any idea what I might have done to mess that up? What can I do to get that view back?

might be the landscape swallowing them due to the LOD. in ortho cams the landscape doesn’t react to the camera location so the landscape doesn’t update the center of the LOD calculation.
check around the area where you see the landscape is at full LOD, maybe its visible there

Thanks very much Chosker. I just took a look at that. Problem still happened in front of BSP. :frowning:

After checking that I just started going through everything. The problem ended up being that my material was set to use separate translucency. I have no idea when I might have done that or why. But for some reason, orthographic doesn’t like separate translucency.