Actors Not Visible when entering from another level

So I have 2 levels, One is the main menu the other is level1.

When I Play in editor from “Main Level” Everything is fine, but when I start from “main menu” level and “Open level” after hitting “enter” button, one of the child actors I placed in scene are not there.

Any idea why this is happening?

None of the actors are being spawned, they are all placed in scene. it seems maybe the level is not saving, but it even happens when I save level as a whole new level. My project file is stored on a seperate hardrive, could that be the issue? maybe a system cache of some sorts?

If you’re using ‘open level’ then everything just gets replaced. I don’t get it.

What do you mean by gets replaced?

Shouldn’t any and all actors I place in one level stay there when I hit save?

Is there any other way to go from a main menu level to the main game level?

I am not sure why anything would get “replaced” by opening the level that has its own level actors and stuff.

No, I’m with you, we mean the same thing.

If you use ‘open level’, it just closes level A and opens level B. So level B should look like it always does…

Oh Yea! Its really confusing and frustrating LOL

Sorry for misunderstanding you.

I found a fix.

Strangely I had 2 maps with the EXACT SAME NAME!

So my level was opening the “correct” map, but it was the same name as the map my editor was viewing…

No idea how that happened, but deleting the duplicate name map, fixed it…