Actors Location is off on server/client in brand new project

I tried this in both 4.10.4 and 4.13.
I created a new project from thirdperson template both on blueprints only and c++.
The only thing I did was go into thirdperson character blueprint and On Event Tick I printed Get actors location and played with 1 client and 1 dedicated server. Without moving, the Player is already off from server than client. The default replicates movement and replicates are already checked. The location continues to stay off when I move around and grows very little. 0.001 or 0.005 is nothing when it is a character running around, but in the game I am developing I need this to be 0.00 because I have flying characters and over little time(since I cover farther distances than running) this grows bigger to 1.05 to even 10.00 difference. I am not new to unreal and I know how to do replication and RPCs. Is this a bug or something Im not doing?

Any help on this would be appreciated.