Actors initialize properly using PIE but not packaged builds

So I have a Widget Blueprint that contains a bunch of controls for a Material Instance Dynamic. The MID is being displayed on a BP_Demo_Screen. I tell the widget where to find the MID using the BeginPlay event in the Level Blueprint. This works fine when I play in editor, but not when I use the launch or packaged build features. I tried binding the letter T to do the same thing, and when I press that it works! Just not when I leave it to the events. What am I doing wrong here?

Hi SF,

Try putting in a brief delay before the getting the MID, it sounds like the MID hasn’t been initialized yet in the packaged build, giving it a .2 second delay before running the script may work to allow you to get the MID in the packaged build.

That’s janky as hell, but it worked! Thanks very much.