Actors destroy/change with others actors when clicked event

Hi everyone, sorry to ask for help with something that will surely be easy for you, but I as an amateur am getting lost in it.
In a level I have 17 different balls created as actors, and when I select one another 9 balls must be randomly selected from the remaining 16. These 10 balls will be part of the game, 1 is the player the other 9 are the AI.
Now, so far I have managed to make it all work, however I wanted that at the time of clicking on the chosen ball, all 17 balls disappear and the 10 remaining (including ours) turn into another mesh (skeleton mesh, because it is character).
Obviously each ball corresponds to its own character.
I hope I made you understand what I want to do …

Honestly, I wouldn’t play around with mesh swapping and all that. If those characters are just masquerading as balls when the game starts, I’d give each character an additional Static Mesh Component (the Ball) and hide the character mesh (Skeleton). Once the gig is up, destroy the ball mesh and show the true nature of this actor - the Skeleton:

Does it make sense or did I misunderstand the intent?

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you understood what I wanted to do yes
but I don’t understand why it gives me this error

The ball mesh is a component, not an actor. Destroy Component instead. Avoid plopping down nodes when you can, drag a wire first and then search:

Makes life easier and produces fewer mistakes - the nodes that make no sense in this context will be filtered out.

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yeah…true! i didn’t see it right, rightly it’s the component i have to destroy haha thank you

Also, since you’ll be starting with the character mesh invisible, you may want to click on the ball mesh instead of the capsule - that should make the clicks more accurate.

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yes! already change it! thank for your tips!

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