Actors and Meshes not visible in the level when switched from another level

I currently have three levels: Level1, Level2, Level3.

Level 1 and Level 3 are domes which contain cubemaps within which few blueprint actors are kept. On opening each level, I’m able to view all the elements within it, and playing it from the viewport from each level also results the same.

Now, I’ve added level switching between all the levels. On collision with a static mesh which is a regular sphere, the level jump happens. On starting the play from first level or even the second level, when the final switch to the third level happens, none of the elements apart from the dome are visible. I’ve tried to figure out what might be causing the issue by removing the dome and retaining the other elements, but it’s just an empty level without the dome. However, I can still see added elements listed on the outliner tab.

I’m getting warnings like: Texture Streaming pool exceeded and Video memory exhausted. But I’m not sure if they could be causing the problem?

Found the reason why the elements in the scene weren’t being displayed, the scene itself was set at a high scale and the elements were too small in scale to be visible without being zoomed in on.

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