ActorBeginOverlap update HUD text by adding 1


So I have an actor “ball1” which moves left and right on key press, I am trying to update a text on the HUD “Number” by adding one to it when the “ball1” ActorBeginOverlap triggers, So I have the following:

Widget Blueprint: HUD

and “ball1”'s blueprint has “Cast To HUD”, I don’t know what to do from here

Now how should I add one to the text “Number” when this event triggers?

Let me explain some things for you :slight_smile:

A class is a bland blueprint, that has no ingame instance.
An Actor/etc is a spawned version of that class blueprint owned by the level.
A child is directly owned by who ever referenced it.(Well all actors are children of someone)

Since the owner of that widget/hud is the player character he has the “actor/widget/hud information”
Its similar too the text you made on the HUD, its a child of the Hud, which is a child of the FirstPersonChar

Create a text and check “is variable”

Pull up the Other actor too collide with, set it up like this.

The initial set up should almost always look like this.

After enabling is variable, I am not able to find the text reference. Also, I am not able to get the Widget reference

Never mind figured it out. Thanks for the help.