I’m trying to make this into a loop. Meaning that every time I go in it will cast, every time i step out it will run end Overlap but sadly it only works once how can i set it up to always cast when I’m Overlapping?

Why dont you try using this insted?

That may actually come in handy to compare pawns that i need later, but to determine the way the game works i need to be able to hit those triggers that i set up. Its almost like zoning to a different area, from an MMO.

Hello, What im trying to accomplish is for a way to keep activating those triggers. Also how can i set the Is Near from the “My Character C”

It looks like you’re trying to set those variables in the player? You’ll need to pull out from the As My Character C and use a Set Is Near node from it, and of course you’ll need that variable to reside in the player BP.

If that’s not what you’re wanting, can you give me a tad more details on what the function of this trigger volume is?

What do you mean by “keep activating”? As in you can leave and come back, and it will repeat the process?

No, but its ok i got it to work, tyvm