Actor with components, which are movable in the level editor

Hi guys,

I have an actor called ACornersPair, which contains two pointers to ACornerDenotation actors. The purpose of the first actor is to denote the wall between two corners, the purpose of the second actor is to simply hold the 3D coordinates of a geometrical corner (1 and 2 on the picture).

The implementation I have works fine, but I want to get rid of two extra actors I have to drop in the level. I want to have one actor, say AWallDenotation, which have two links to corners, but those corners are not separate actors (if possible) and I can move them around in the level. In other words, I’m trying to implement something which can be manipulated like NavLinkProxy actor.

Any ideas how to do this?

P.S. This issue is a part of the cover taking system for my game MicroWave. You can watch the prototype of the system here.

Hi duburlan,

You can tag FVector or FTransform properties with meta=(MakeEditWidget="") inside of the UPROPERTY() declaration to make the editor generate interactive gizmos that you can move around whenever an instance is selected in order to edit the values. It even works on TArrays of those properties.

Michael Noland

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Amazing! Thank you for the fast and comprehensive answer.

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This is amazing!

Thanks for letting us know, Michael!