Actor Waypoints

On April 27, your actors will move like they have never moved before. OK, that’s a little over dramatic, but I’d like to much more humbly announce that the Actor Waypoints blueprint collection is going to appear on the Unreal Engine marketplace on April 27 according to Epic!

These blueprints enable you to quickly build and visualize actor movements with simple snap on actor components. You can instantly drop waypoints into your level, get actors moving, and see travel lines without any coding or blueprinting. Also, you can attach logic to basic waypoint event hooks with blueprints if you wish.

It’s the blueprint collection for you if you ever find yourself thinking, "I wish I had a really simple way to quickly get actors moving in my level with basic event hooks to see how it looks."

Here’s a link to the product website where I go into greater detail about what you can do and the full tech specs:


I’m very much interested in your feedback and will be watching this thread, so please let me know what you think and any questions you have.


Actor Waypoints was released on Unreal Engine Marketplace on April 27, so I am closing out this thread. Please check out this official release thread for further details: