Actor visibility issue

I’m trying to make a scene where when the player appears at a target object and press a button, a widget menu will appear and there will be selections of objects will appear and player can choose which object to appear on the screen.

Example, when the player pressed a button when near a table, he can choose to show the table or select a chair to appear while the table disappears.

I approached this issue with toggling the visibility.

Both objects has been set with a blueprint and a widget menu will appear on button press as below.

Applied on both objects with proper settings.

All steps and blueprints for the widget menu works fine for both objects.
My approach for this was to make 1 object visible while making the other invisible.
But apparently, when i hit the button to toggle the visibility of both objects, 1 of them works while the other doesn’t.

This is the blueprint for the widget menu i created.


At first this approach didn’t work so i though there might be something missing or i can’t link 2 actors after another.
Therefore i tried another approach using sequence.


Unfortunately, this doesn’t work as well.

And also, the scenario works when there’s only 1 object appears in the game when it starts and the other is invisible.
I tried setting it invisible on the objects settings in the world outliner at first but it did not work.
Therefore i made a blueprint in the object blueprints and also in the level blueprint (vice versa) to make it invisible and it did not work as well.

Don’t get me wrong about this, it IS invisible in the game when it started.

Problem that i’m facing now is that the object that is invisible during the start of the game doesn’t become visible with the menu options while the other 1 works properly.

How do i solve this?

Instead of visibility, you can drag a “set static mesh” from “item” (instead of sofa and bed) , you set one with sofa mesh or bed mesh, even with a set transform if needed, or you can do the same with sofa and bed and set one with dedicated mesh and the other empty.

Oh thanks. I didn’t know there was this node. Gonna try it out!

Can you please share a widget based blueprint of this,witch works on a button icon based transform of items interchange.