Actor thinking its rotated 90 degrees?

So I am making a vehicle blueprint. This is very random and I don’t know why is it. The body mesh is in blender rotated so that the forward X is forward. In editor however Y is forward. And in blueprint viewport the X is forward again. I’ve applied scale.
Here are some things that I noticed:

  • Spring arm rotates 90 degrees
  • Constraint bounds are rotated in viewport, like this

-When adding static mesh component, when playing, the relative location rotates 90 degrees. Fine on editor.
This is procedural and the body is the root and I’ve made this really long time, so something radical change could destroy some things… Sorry for the english btw. Help, please :slight_smile:

WAIT, I just fixed it! Turns out that I DID NOT apply the rotation in blender! I wonder how this happened. Well it works now :slight_smile: