Actor spawning complete editor and project crash

I keep having this problem, I have spend a lot of time trying to figure out what’s wrong with my code but I can’t seem to figure it out.

I am trying to spawn a gun actor in my character class, I set the mesh with a blueprint based on the Gun class which has a mesh and a rootComponent and I want to attach this to a socket called Gun which I made in my character skeleton.

The subclass which I set the mesh within my editor:

UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, Category = "Gun")
		TSubclassOf<AGun> WeaponClass;

the components in my Gun class:

Root = ObjectInitializer.CreateDefaultSubobject<USceneComponent>(this, TEXT("Root"));
Mesh = ObjectInitializer.CreateDefaultSubobject<UStaticMeshComponent>(this,TEXT("Mesh"));


I call the EquipWeapon(); in my FirstPlayer constructor

void AFirstPlayer::EquipWeapon()

	FActorSpawnParameters SpawnInfo;
	SpawnInfo.bNoCollisionFail = true;
	FRotator setRotation = GetActorRotation();
	AGun* SpawnedGun = GetWorld()->SpawnActor<AGun>(WeaponClass, this->GetActorLocation(), setRotation, SpawnInfo);
	if (SpawnedGun) {
		SpawnedGun->AttachWeaponToPawn(this, "Gun");

These are the methods I use to actually attach it:

USkeletalMeshComponent* AGun::getPawnSkeletalComp(FString ComponentName)
	TArray<UActorComponent*> Components;
	USkeletalMeshComponent* ArmMesh = NULL;

	if (OwningPawn)

	for (UActorComponent* Comp : Components)
		ArmMesh = Cast<USkeletalMeshComponent>(Comp);
		if (ArmMesh)
			if (ArmMesh->GetName() == ComponentName)
				return ArmMesh;

	return NULL;
void AGun::AttachWeaponToPawn(APawn* WeaponOwner, FString SkeletalCompName)
	OwningPawn = WeaponOwner;

	USkeletalMeshComponent* ArmMesh = getPawnSkeletalComp(SkeletalCompName);

	if (ArmMesh) {
		AttachRootComponentTo(ArmMesh,  FName(*SkeletalCompName));

The editor keeps crashing on startup and when I delete the intermediate, binaries and saved restart my computer and do a completely rebuild and everything (after I removed these pieces of code) it seems to work again. But then trying to add the code will crash the editor and will keep it from detecting any new changes I make to the code after that which is why I have to repeat this process over and over again.

It’s extremely difficult to test like this.