Actor spawned on trigger facing the wrong way, not playing animation montage

Hey, so here I’m trying to spawn this robot behind the player when they enter the cone of vision of the bot, which triggers the alarm state (so the light turns red), get the location for spawning the robot from the location of the bot, and spawns it there.

Here’s the non-triggered state

After trigger, the robot does spawn behind the player at the location I set with the vector widget, but it faces the wrong way even though I’ve given it the rotator of the vector from spawn location to the bot in the first picture.

Here I get the location to spawn the bot (which obviously works because the spawn happens). Is it a problem with RotationFromXVector? That was the only function I could find to convert the vector into a rotator, but I might be using the wrong one.

The animation montage called after spawning the bot doesn’t play either. Could it be a problem with the way I get the skeletal mesh?

Thanks for any help!

Did the bot import with its forward facing positive x direction?