Actor spawned on server not calling server

Hello all,
I’ve been struggling with this for quite a long time and I couldn’t find an answer yet. I’ve found similar questions and answers but none solved my problem.

I’m spawning an actor (Axe) at server side and attaching to the character and setting the server_side_character as the net owner of the Axe actor.
When the character hits something with the axe, I’m trying to apply damage to the hit actor but the event is not being replicated to the server, Here are some screenshots:

The actor and the collision box are set as replicated.

Spawning actor and setting owner logic:

Axe hit logic

Thank you so much in advance

I’ve learnt a little bit more about replication and the problem was that the Axe is not net_owner, therefore, it can’t call the server. The call has to be done from a net_owner, like the Controller.