Actor Spawn Rotation ignored.

Im trying to spawn a projectile in the direction my character is facing.
I have tried multiple ways and still having issues.

It always fires in the same direction regardless of character position.
Please help.

That transform is just the direction it will start at. You’ll want to pass the z rotation through to the ProjectileMovement and use it in the Velocity vector.

You have to use the actor rotation not the controll rotation. Like this

also if you are inside of your character(which i think you are) you don’t have to call GetPlayerCharacter and can just to it like this

Hi guys, thanks for your help.
@BlackCryptix this solution was one of the many I had also tried!
Turned out to maybe be a bug with UE5.
To resolve this I simply created a new projectile BP. Started from scratch adding settings 1 by 1 from the original.
Both BP are now identical as far as I can tell, the new one works perfectly as expected, the old one always fires in one direction.

Had me baffled for days, next time I should believe in myself and blame UE instead :smiley:

Velocity was already set on the X so it wasn’t this either.