Actor Sequence VS Timeline

Lets say you had 200 actors in a level. All of them being the same.

Their main function is to spin, which they acomplish by using a Timeline updating the actor local rotation, as seen below.

Now, I was wondering… Instead of using a Timeline, should I use a looping actor sequence that rotates it linearly by 360 degrees in Z?

I checked all over the internet, including the Unreal documentation, and not a single website clarified me about the performance issues.


Perfomance wise, is it better to have 200 actors using a Timeline, or 200 actors using an Actor Sequence?


I would love to know the answer to this too

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Somewhat related, but you don’t really need to use timelines at all for rotating object, particularly if you have them looping infinitely. Just use the Rotating Movement component


I don’t know if it has any particular performance boost, but it certainly works more elegantly than having to create a timeline.

Me too. I’m looking about simple static mesh animations.

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