Actor Sequence Component from the experimental plugin - keying by dragging the component.

So, I was super excited for the feature of sequence component, but I had some problems in 4.15, and I hoped they would be solved in 4.16.

1)It appears that normal keying by moving the component (and / or autokeying) doesn’t work. The only way to change values for specific keys is to edit the values themselves - and that is super slow compared to simply dragging the component to a new location.
Is it broken for everybody or am I doing something wrong?

2)Calling Play plays the animations, but then restarts the actor to the start position - is there a way to disable that (so that the actor stays in the final state of the animations)?


Hi, Allshar.

I can’t speak to your first problem, but if you’re still having trouble with the animation reversion issue I was able to find a solution – it turns out that you can customize this behavior on the sequencer on a per-track level by right clicking on a given track, expanding the Properties tab, and changing the When Finished property from Restore State to Keep State. This should make the state modifications of the the animation persist after playback ends.

Attached is a screenshot of the interface for changing this. I hope this helps!

Hi Allshar

I can’t seem to get autokeying to work yet either. I have just asked the forum and will let you know if I find a solution.