Actor Scale Changed When Moving Towards Player

Hello! I am working on a mechanic where an object is moving towards the player when its triggerbox is overlapping the player. It works fine except for one little thing, when the object stops moving (after a certain amount of time) it’s scale is changed drasticly.

Maybe I am doing something very wrong in my blueprint. Could some one explain why this is happening?

My blueprint setup (in the object that will move towards the player). The SetActorTransform is coupled to a tick event with a bool check.

Here are screenshots of my problem:



Hey Robin,

weird problem you got here >_>
But try to change your Blueprint by replacing the getters of the location, rotation and scaling of the mesh, to the actor’s.
Just to be sure: Can it be that you change your scale anywhere else?

Good Luck :slight_smile:

I’ve tried with get actor transform but then nothing happens at all, the actor isnt even moving towards the player.

I dont think I change the scale anywhere else