Actor rotation

I have been trying to make an auto battler type game, but can´t solve a problem that I´m having for a long time. In order to achieve what I want with this project I have been making some more “custom” types os movement instead of using what unreal already provides, which is what you can see in the image I´m posting. The system works, the actors “find their way” and “walk to their objective”, but I´m having trouble to make it look “organic” and less “stiff”, specially in the rotation part. When a character walks towards a “tile” or an enemy you expect it to rotate to their goal, witch I actually manged to make happen, but for some reason after it finishes a movement it always turns back to their’s original rotation. I would upload I video to show here but it seems that this forum don´t support video uploads, so there are two pictures that give kinda an ideia of what it looks like.

Characters Rotated to each other (during movement):

Characters Rotated back to what I suppose is their original spawn rotation (after movement finishes):

Blueprint where I make the actors move and rotate:

Any insights?

Hard to say with incomplete information but if I had to guess, by the time the timeline finishes, the character will be on the tile, so look at rotation gives you a result like 0,0,0. Instead try to get the look at rotation in the beginning and don’t repeteadly get it as the timeline is running.

You’re absolutely correct, I should have realized that silly mistake, but thank you very much nonetheless.