Actor Rotation Issue

Basicly seems like this problem persist from 2015… after respawning of actor, rotation for clients is incorrect, seems rotator replicates not properly (i’m using findplayerstart and get transform from it + with spawnactor on server). Tried different options with setactorrotation after spawning with multicast, send rotator through replication to newly created actor and set actorrotation there, tried to round player start transforms, thought problem was there, but seems nothing working. This bug is mentioned as fixed (UE-14179), tho seems like it’s still persists or dunno. So basicly i have correct rotation for server after respawn and wrong random one for clients. Here is my experiments, tries to fix it, basicly all was done on server in past. This one method not working, at least there (ue 4.22.3):…ml?sort=oldest