Actor Rotation and Movement Speed Issue with Higher Framerates

Hello kind forum members,

I’m facing a small issue with an blueprint actor in my project. The actor is designed to rotate continuously (360°) and also move up and down between specific points (top and bottom z locations). To achieve this, I used two timelines: one for the movement and another for the rotation, both set to loop and autoplay.
However, after building the project, I noticed that with higher framerates, the object moves and rotates significantly faster. This shouldn’t be the case. I’ve attached screenshots of the blueprint logic for reference.
Could you help me understand why this is happening and suggest a fix? Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Kind regards,


I think it’s because you’re using ‘set actor relative rotation’. The animation would be consistent if you used ‘set actor rotation’, and ‘set actor location’.

Also, no need to two timelines, you can just add a second node to the end of the timeline execute pin.

Or, use the node ‘set actor location and rotation’, or ‘set actor transform’.